Combine Slack, MS Bot Framework and Twitter

Chat middleware that gives you any live chat, any channel and any chatbot.

Slack Live Chat With IBM Watson

Combine Slack, IBM Watson Assistant and FB Messenger with Captivate. Over 15 million daily active users are now working on Slack Live Chat which means they can instantly expand it to support omnichannel live chat with IBM Watson and Microsoft bots. Customer Centre agents no longer have to move between a live chat solution and their internal collaboration system. Instead, they can bring customers closer and improve CX but having those chats right there in Slack.

Slack is the original internal unified communications application and is favoured by tech organisations which makes it a natural fit for The Hub.

Microsoft Bot Framework

The Microsoft Bot Framework and Microsoft’s Natural Language AI, LUIS are supported. These allows customers to easily integrate AI conversation into their chat ecosystem. The Hub will provide all standard channels as well as agent support via integrated live chat solutions.


The Captivate Hub will convert chat to support Twitter as a channel via Direct Messaging. Bot shortcuts are converted to numbers and text and cards, emoticons, images and file uploads are supported

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