MS Teams Live Chat with MS Bot Framework

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Builders can talk to Customers and Trades from MS Teams.

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Builders can talk to Customers and Trades from MS Teams. Read More » – Making cutting edge deep-learning accessible to enterprises

“Enterprise automation & intelligent workflows is one of the biggest investment areas in the enterprise tech landscape. And to meet this demand, countless startups and solutions from existing tech players have sprung up. But almost all fail to convert the promise into reality because of lack of true world-class AI powering these solutions. Automation without … – Making cutting edge deep-learning accessible to enterprises Read More »

Leaders from Google, Adobe, and more talk benefits and bias at the Conversational AI Summit

“I’m extremely excited about the future of the intersection between conversational AI and the multitude of platforms that are being developed around these capabilities,” said Linden Hillebrand, VP Global Customer Success and Support at Cloudera during his opening remarks at the Transform 2020 Conversational AI Summit.” [button link=”” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Read More[/button]  

Machines That Can Understand Human Speech: The Conversational Pattern Of AI

“Early on in the evolution of artificial intelligence, researchers realized the power and possibility of machines that are able to understand the meaning and nuances of human speech. Conversation and human language is a particularly challenging area for computers, since words and communication is not precise. Human language is filled with nuance, context, cultural and …

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