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Chat Middelware to Embed in your App

Avoid Vendor Lock-In
Choose any technology you want
Future-proof your messaging architecture
Know your customer in realtime


The Embedded Hub dramatically improves Customer Experience by eliminating the conversational dead ends caused by siloes of technology.

Why embed our SaaS into yours?



Watch this short video to see how you can save money, protect your future and have unlimited chat and messaging functionality.

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The Captivate Hub represents 1000s of hours of programming, work that you would have to do in-house.  Not just that - you know software development is difficult and risky so why not choose the cheaper, safer path? Each emebbed deal is different so contact us and we will work out a price that works for you. 


We will contruct a licence that works for you, that doesn't tie you in to us and that doesn't mean we expect your growth to reflect ours.  It's your platform and they are your customers - we are happy to be your chat solution.

Time to Value

You're constantly up against the clock with delivery cycles so why add to them?  The Captivate Hub is easily integrated via numerous APIs which will instantly give you every feature we have.

What's more we are continuously developing - we will have new integrations before you think of them which you can simply roll out to your customers.


Why CX Matters

The conversational market is forecast to grow from $7.2bn in 2020 to $17.4bn in 2024​

Key part of the conversational systems market is Customer Experience


  • 88% of companies now prioritizing customer experience in their contact centres.​
  • Tte​ importance of multi-channel servicing is increasing​
  • Mobile customer experience is becoming the priority ​
  • Self service help is the first choice – 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative​ ​


  • Customer Experience 45.9% 45.9%
  • Pricing 20.5% 20.5%
  • Product 33.6% 33.6%

Chat Middleware

The Captivate Hub routes chat messages from any channel to any digital assistant to any live chat solution. This means total flexibility when it comes to incorporating new chat technology which is essential, particularly in such a fast changing world.  We work with your SaaS solution to make sure that your platform always has the richest features and is kept continutally up to date.

Some Features

The Captivate Hub is a chat middleware platform that allows developers to easily build vendor agnostic natural language apps but we include a growing number of apps and features with it.


A fully customisable web chat widget with working hours, customisable forms, multi chat Panel, Search bar (linkable to Watson Discovery) Custom Responses (forms, video, cards) and much more.


Allowing multi-vendor, multi-purpose bots to exist in the same ecosystem is highly complex. The NLP Router allows user based and automatic conversation switching.


The Hub uses leading off the shelf reporting tools including:

  • PowerBI
  • Kibana
  • IBM Cognos


Expand MS Teams and Slack to the outside world. This brings your customers closer to your organisation increasing retention and sales.


Supports Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Web Chat, Alexa, SMS, LinkedIn and more coming soon.


The AI Live Chat Router (ALCA) is the Natural Language Interface to The Hub. This means users do not need to learn how to use The Hub, they just chat with it - e.g. "Switch this chat to the Sales Bot". It also means the the Hub allows any live chat solution to be integrated.

Embedded Pricing

Please contact us as each situation is different.

The Captivate Hub works in a multi-cloud environment, securely supporting RedHat, Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud. ​ This means:

  • Run in your own cloud
  • Keep your own Data
  • Have our 24/7 Support
  • Use Industry Standard Security
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