Combine Microsoft Teams, IBM Watson Assistant and SMS

Chat middleware that gives you any live chat, any channel and any chatbot.

MS Teams Live Chat

Over 100 million daily active users are now working on Microsoft Teams which means they can instantly expand it to support omnichannel live chat with IBM and Microsoft bots. Customer Centre agents no longer have to move between a live chat solution and their internal collaboration system. Instead they can bring customers closer and improve CX but having those chats right there in Teams.

The Captivate Hub is a native Teams application, not a tab which means those conversations can be switched around the organisation, other Teams members can be added and the full functionality of Teams is preserved.

Amazon Lex

IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant allows customers to easily integrate AI conversation into their chat. Watson natively supports channels however by using The Hub, customers are not tied in to IBM’s channel and live chat strategies or prices and can also add Microsoft, Amazon and Google NLP techs.


The Captivate Hub will convert chat to support SMS as a channel. Text only is supported.

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